Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Car Repair and Maintenance in Langley, BC

Over the years, customers looking for great Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM car repair in Langley have come to expect the highest standards from local car repair shops and service centers. We should know; Langley Chrysler has been providing high-quality car service and maintenance to the Langley, Surrey, and Vancouver communities since 1971.

With age comes experience, and that’s precisely what you should look for when choosing the right auto service centre for your car repair needs. Langley Chrysler’s service team has 200 years in combined service experience, something few other auto shops in Langley can claim. That’s on top of the Trotman Auto Group’s rigorous training and certification standards, which help keep the Langley Chrysler service staff up to date with the latest in repair and maintenance knowledge.

From routine tune-ups and express oil changes to transmission and engine replacements, we guarantee your service will be done quickly and done the right way. That’s no empty promise: we back up each and every job with our Drive Home Happy Guarantee. At the Langley Chrysler auto service centre, we haven’t finished our job until you’re satisfied and smiling.

Ready to get started solving your car repair or maintenance needs? Give Langley Chrysler’s service center a call at 604-534-5355 or save time by booking a service appointment online.

Chrysler Recall Check

Vehicle recalls signal important safety defects and should always be heeded. Call the Langley Chrysler service center or use our online free recall check to see whether or not your vehicle has any open recalls.

Common Car Service and Maintenance Tasks

At Langley Chrysler, our auto service center gets a lot of customer questions about common repairs and tune-ups. Here are a few of the most common jobs we perform:

Oil Changes and Express Oil & Filter Changing Service

The single most common maintenance task, oil changes and filter changes, are critical to keeping your car running efficiently. How often you need an oil change depends on your individual make and model. Your car could go anywhere from 5,000km to 12,000km between oil change servicing. Of course, you should avoid going too long without checking engine oil. Oil’s job is to keep your engine’s metal parts cool and moving smoothly, but it collects grime over time, putting your car at risk for a major breakdown.

Refer to your car’s owner’s manual for precise information about how often oil changes are need for your vehicle.

Car Alignments: Wheel Alignments and Balancing

Wheel alignments and wheel balancing are oftentimes confused for one another. Both have very different purposes but are necessary to lengthen the life of your tires. Wheel alignments do not have to be performed as often as wheel balancing but should still be regularly checked up on. Wheel alignments are also sometimes referred to as a tire alignment, four wheel alignment, or front end alignment because the angle of your car’s wheels are being realigned to the manufacturer’s recommended specification.

During a wheel/tire alignment, your service technician will check the tread on your tires and inspect the camber, caster, and toe for signs of poor alignment. If there are signs of poor wheel alignment on your car, adjustments will be made until your wheels are properly aligned for optimal performance. How often you should get a wheel alignment depends on the make and model of your vehicle, the age and wear of your tires, and your driving conditions. However, most often, the recommendation is to get a wheel adjustment performed every 10,000 miles. One other method of knowing when to get your wheel alignment checked is when you notice your car pulling to one side while driving, which can be a telling indication of poor wheel alignment.

Wheel balancing is just as necessary of a service as wheel alignment, but it should be completed more often. Wheel balancing is necessary to keep your vehicle balanced despite wear and tear on the tread of your tires. Untreated treadwear on your tires can cause the weight around each tire to change over time, and if unserviced, it can cause your vehicle to shake from the imbalance. When you bring your vehicle into Langley Chrysler for wheel balancing, your technician will test wheel balance while the car is moving and not moving for signs of imbalance. After the evaluation, adjustments will be made to restore proper balance throughout your vehicle.

Just like any other service, how often you should come in for a tire adjustment depends on many aspects that are specific to your vehicle. However, most manufacturers recommend having your tires balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles—typically when you come in for a tire rotation.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Chances are, your car came equipped with any number of flashing lights and warnings. It can be easy to ignore it when your Check Engine Light comes on. It can also be easy to panic and worry, because, frankly, this can signal any number of car repair needs from a minor computer malfunction to a critical engine failure. When your Check Engine Light flashes, stop by Langley Chrysler, and let us shed some light on the situation.

Fluid Systems and Flushes

Your car relies on many different fluids to keep its many parts clean, cool, and running like they should. Like engine oil, other vehicle fluids need to be serviced with periodic flushes or exchanges to get rid of mineral build up. Some of the most important auto fluids include:

  • Motor Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Engine Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Radiator Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Windshield Cleaner

For more information about fluids that keep your car running and how to take care of them, see our Vehicle Fluid System and Inspection Guide.