Nused X-Loaner Program

So what is Nused?

Nused is a word we needed to create to describe our X-Loaners. They aren’t Technically “New” since they have been driven but they aren’t quite “Used” since they don’t have more than 10,000 Kilometers. This means you get a used car price for a car that hasn’t even completed the break in period.

What’s more is these vehicle may still qualify for our Cash Back offers and up to 6 months no payments.

If you want to maximize the value of your dollars then make sure you ask for Nused by name! Remember though, Nused Vehicles are only available at Langley Chrysler and are subject to availability.
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All offers are subject to approval conditions (OAC). Rebates may vary by model and trim. Cash back amount is added to the vehicle loan and included in the payments. No payments for 6 months means payments are deferred not skipped. Full term of payments are still required to be paid in full to satisfy the terms of the finance contract. Payments would commence 6 months after contract date. Interest accrues during the payment free time based on contractual terms and must be satisfied regardless if full payment is made at any point. Can’t be combined with any other offer. Offers are net of all rebates. Offers end at close on June 30th, 2017. Dealer #5097