How We Appraise Your Vehicle

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appraise your vehicle

We have implemented the most advanced vehicle appraisal process in the country.
This process combines the experience of Certified Appraisers along with the
industry’s latest technology.

To start, we do a road test to assess the vehicle’s mechanical condition. We inspect your car’s interior andexterior to establish its condition in relation to its age. Excessive wear can lower the estimate of your car value.

We check the vehicle’s age and mileage. We inspect the paint, repairs to the body, scratches and bumps.

Next, we utilize the following industry-leading technologies:


vAuto is an online technology we use to search over 10,000 websites every hour in real-time and compare what private sellers and dealers are asking for similar vehicles.


The CARFAX® Vehicle Valuation Report provides us with real-time wholesale values of vehicles just like yours from the Adesa Dealer Auctions. We also recieve regional historical transaction prices of what other dealerships in Canada actually sold vehicles just like yours for.


TradeRev is an online system to participate in real-time vehicle auctions. It allows us to obtain instant bids from buyers across Canada, and know what others are willing to pay for the vehicle, right now.

What Our Customers Say

We are one of Canada’s highest rated Chrysler dealerships for a reason. See what our amazing customers have to say about our commitment to providing a world-class customer experience. Jason Wen 2021-03-03 Verified Andre was very kind and helpful towards my Jeep 2013 Wrangler vehicle buy-in transaction today. I enjoyed his cheerful and positive attitude and overall helpfulness for my transaction. If I were to buy another Jeep he would be my go-to guy.

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