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The Incredible Value of the 2024 Fiat 500e BEV

When it comes to value, it’s hard to beat the 2024 Fiat 500e BEV. Between the competitive price, the savings on fuel, and the lower overall maintenance costs, you almost can’t afford not to drive on! Join the Fiat experts at Langley Chrysler as we take a closer look at how the 500e BEV can save you money.

Fuel Costs

One of the best things about driving a Fiat 500e BEV is that you don’t need to fill up at the gas station. You do still need to charge up, but the increase in your monthly power bill is significantly lower than regular refueling at the gas pump, and even commercial rechargers are inexpensive and efficient. Plus, many available recharging stations you find at businesses are also in prime parking spots for a little added bonus.

Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles have fewer mechanical parts. Fewer mechanical parts means less wear-and-tear, and less chance for something to break. What this all adds up to is savings on your maintenance. Service is faster and overall cheaper due to fewer parts needing replacing or tuning up. This can really add up in the long run over the lifetime of your Fiat 500e BEV.


If you thought buying or leasing a BEV was expensive, we’ve got good news. As the technology for EVs has matured, the overall cost of construction has come down. This turns into savings for the buyer, and the MSRP on the 2024 Fiat 500e starts low, and with available rebates and savings gets even lower! You could drive home with a brand new Fiat 500e BEV for under $34,000, today!

Shop the 2024 Fiat 500e BEV in Surrey, BC

The 2024 Fiat 500e BEV is not only an inexpensive and sporty electric car, it’ll save you money in the long run through savings in fuel and maintenance. Visit our showroom today to see one first-hand. Better yet, book a test drive to experience one for yourself! Langley Chrysler is one of only 11 dealerships in BC offering this incredible vehicle, and it is eligible for both federal and provincial rebates. Reserve yours today!